Kitchen Remodeling in Orlando

If you are in search of a kitchen remodeling contractor in Orlando, your search is finally over. Over the years, we at My Handy Craftsman Inc. have established ourselves as the leading remodeling contractors in the region. Our stylish kitchens are where form meets function and where the client’s personal touch meets our professional touch.

From countertop installations to floor-to-ceiling remodeling services, we do it all. When the time comes to remodel your kitchen, we hope you think of us. Our phone number is (407) 644-8642 and we cannot wait to hear from you.

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You Deserve a Beautiful Kitchen

Most people spend many hours in their kitchens eating, cooking and enjoying the company of their families and friends. Having a kitchen that is too small, impractically built, or just plain old and outdated can put a damper on enjoying your life to the fullest.

Have you ever stared at a magazine kitchen and wished yours could look that way?

Well don’t dream anymore, contact My Handy Craftsman Inc. to completely remodel your kitchen today to begin your journey towards your ideal kitchen.

We are the premier kitchen remodeling company in the Orlando area because of our dedication to our clients and to quality craftsmanship. From the design process all the way to the final installation of appliances, we will take care of every detail regarding your new kitchen with attention to detail and precision. Our experience means that you can trust our experts to provide not only great work but great advice as well.

Custom Kitchen Designs

You have a vision for your kitchen. We’re here to realize it.

We develop custom kitchen designs tailored to your precise needs, wants, and specifications. Working closely with you throughout the design phase, we'll put together a comprehensive action plan based on your feedback. We take all your input into account, providing a more personalized experience. With us, you remain in charge throughout the design process, and we’ll make sure every detail meets your expectations.

Once we’ve developed a detailed action plan, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote for the costs. Our contracts are clear and concise, leaving nothing to guesswork and hiding nothing in the fine print. Transparency is vital to our business: It’s what you can expect from start to finish.

Our Remodeling Services

Every kitchen remodeling project is different. Some require minimal labor and are relatively straightforward, while others are quite extensive. The extent of your remodeling project is entirely up to you. With our countless services at your disposal, you won’t have to limit yourself to half-measures. We make sure clients never have to settle for anything less than what they truly want.

Our services include:

  • Cabinet refacing
  • Cabinet refinishing
  • Full cabinet replacement
  • Island installation
  • Countertop replacements
  • Home additions
  • Tiling services
  • New sink installations
  • Lighting and electrical
  • And more

Don’t worry if you can’t find a service you need in the list above. This is just a sample of what we can do to improve your kitchen’s form and function. As a local remodeling contractor, we work with a diverse team of subcontractors, and we’re always ready to lean on their expertise for specialized jobs. Our goal is simple: To bring your dreams to life. With our complete range of services and network of professionals, we’re confident we can achieve it.

Redoing Kitchen Cabinets

We transform cabinets into works of art—even if they require a little repair work first. With so many ways to redo kitchen cabinets, there are many budget-friendly options at your disposal. In contrast to replacing cabinets, you can choose from the following refacing and refinishing options:

  • Painting existing cabinetry
  • Cabinet toning via a tinted finish
  • Glazing
  • Resurfacing

Not sure which colors and finishes to choose? Ask our design team for inspiration during a free consultation.

A Kitchen Island Remodel Improves Function

When islands were first installed in kitchens in the 1970s, the trend caught on and many homes throughout our region received this feature. Since then, technology has changed, trends have come around and gone again, and you could be left with a remnant of the past taking up space in your kitchen.

Is it time to make that space work for you? Why not design an island with the function, shape, and style that suit your specific needs? We’d like the opportunity to get to know the details of your dream kitchen personally, so we can provide you with affordable solutions that will bring your vision to life.

Boost Resale Value with a Countertop Remodel

If your countertops have seen better days, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in transforming aging counters into breathtakingly beautiful, multifunctional spaces that give you, your family, and your friends a place to gather while you cook and serve meals together.

We have many different types of high-quality countertops available for you to select from. Some of your choices include:

  • Polished granite
  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel
  • Quartz
  • Ceramic tile
  • Laminates
  • And much more!

See a massive selection of materials, color choices, and finish options when you sit down with our team to consult with us at no cost.

Install the Appliances You Love

Our design team makes installing the appliances you love possible. We make sure the measurements are right and the products ordered fit the space in advance of placing orders with our long-time suppliers.

Custom Results for You

Your kitchen is outmoded—but you want more than an updated and modern kitchen, don’t you? Chances are, you probably want a kitchen that also happens to suit your personal tastes.

Would you like granite countertops or countertops better suited to the farmhouse-style kitchen? With us, the choice is always yours. You can choose from a variety of kitchen styles or mix and match as you like. Rustic or urban, traditional or modern, our designs are sure to elevate the look and feel of your kitchen.

Go classic, modern, or whichever direction you wish. All you have to do is inform us of your wishes, budget, preferred deadline, and we will get to work. To schedule a free consultation, call us at (407) 644-8642 today.


Every successful remodeling project begins with an in-depth consultation. It is during the one-on-one consult that we learn what you want from us, after all. During your discussion and design sessions, we will offer input, listen carefully, and give your rough ideas the polish the need.

Custom kitchens require custom solutions. At My Handy Craftsman Inc., we use an in-depth consultation process to ensure that each of our kitchens is designed according to the needs of the client. Unlike many contractors, we take the time to listen to our clients, tailoring our design plan until it meets our clients’ expectations.

Budgeting Made Simple

You might have a lot of questions about material costs during the consultation. Don’t worry about these questions being too forward or too hard for us to answer. Being the professionals that we are, we are more than familiar with the labor and material costs associated with kitchen remodels. Our service quotes aren’t just ballpark figures—they’re upfront, transparent, and precise. With our quotes, you’ll have all the information you need to move forward with our remodeling contractors.

Kitchen Remodeling Rates: Upfront Quotes, No Strings Attached

We provide upfront, no-strings-attached quotes for every service we offer. At My Handy Craftsman Inc., we want every potential client—including you—to feel confident choosing us. We feel no need to rush you or pressure you into anything.

You can contact us, book a consultation, and we’ll give you a no-obligation quote for the job. From there, you’re free to do what you will with it.

Our quotes are transparent, fair, and accurate. We know our services are a valuable asset to any customer. We know our services are second to none, and that our prices are competitive. So go ahead: Ask us for a quote. We’re sure you won’t find another company who can do as good of a job at so good of a price.

Kitchens Made for You

When you contact us, you can expect a completely custom kitchen based on your precise specifications. Everything from the color, setup, cabinetry, and appliances is fully customizable. No cookie-cutter kitchens here.

We’re happy to implement any design choices that our clients have in mind. Do you have a very specific idea of what your new kitchen should look like? Bring us all your ideas and materials and together we will execute them. With our knowledge of the best materials and your design ideas, your kitchen remodeling experience is sure to exceed your greatest expectations. Kitchens really have to be a mix of aesthetic appeal and functionality so figuring out the best way to have the layout and what extra features to add in is a fun challenge to undertake. From colourful backsplashes to refinished kitchen cabinets, completely new layouts or just new countertops, we have the expertise to create an atmosphere you will love to live in.

Design Style: The Best Kitchen Remodels Available

We’re tradespeople—but we’re also design experts. We’re renowned for our keen sense of style and our careful consideration of aesthetics, space, and dimensions. We create kitchens that are as elegant as they are charming, as stylish as they are spacious.

We’re also versatile designers, able to execute any vision, any style. Whether you want a modern luxurious kitchen, or a rustic farmhouse feel, you can count on us to deliver it. With us, you know you’re getting a truly unique, one-of-a-kind kitchen—one you’ll be proud to call your own.

Superior Build Quality—Get a Kitchen Remodel That Lasts

There are kitchens that look nice today, and then there are kitchens set to look wonderful for years to come. We are the ones who design kitchens that stand the test of time. Using only the finest materials and the most forward-thinking methods, we design kitchens that have adequate airflow, utilize vertical space, and more. Our kitchens don’t just look nice, they function well, too.

From your walls to your floors, your cabinetry to your lighting, we work with the highest standards in mind to give you the kitchen you need, want, and deserve. With My Handy Craftsman Inc., designer kitchens aren't just for professionals. They're for anyone who thrives on good cooking in a great kitchen.

Masters of our Craft

We consider ourselves masters of our craft, unmatched in skill, expertise, or ability by any other contractor. Our kitchens are not only beautiful, but also impeccably well-built. We bring our passion and determination to every remodel project, working hard to provide the best quality available.

Our remodelers follow strict safety and quality-control protocols, ensuring that every one of our kitchens is up to the high standards for which we’ve come to be known. That way, we guarantee you’ll get a kitchen that you’ll love for years to come.

On-Time, Within-Budget Project Delivery

Passion and patience define our work process. At the same time, we ensure that we adhere to all deadlines and budgetary restrictions. When you contact us, we’ll provide you with a clear cost estimate and completion date for your remodel. And you can expect us to finish the work within those constraints.

Rest assured. When you choose My Handy Craftsman Inc., you know you’ve got a dependable contractor who will get your project done on-time and within your budget. We stay true to our clients’ wishes from the first design consultation to the project’s completion.

The Kitchen Remodeler You Can Trust

Qualified. Certified. Bona Fide.

My Handy Craftsman Inc. is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded remodeling contractor. We stay up to date on industry-standard building methods, safety codes, and all other regulations to ensure our services meet all industry standards. Diligent on the job, meticulous in our craft, we spare no expense to provide the best-quality remodeling available.

We adhere to rigorous quality control protocols to verify our work always meets our standards and client expectations. Our commitment to quality has earned us a stellar reputation. It’s earned us the praise of countless industry professionals, as well as the trust of countless clients across the Orlando area. Rest assured: With us, you have a contractor you can trust. That’s our promise to you.

You’ll Love Your Remodeled Kitchen. Guaranteed.

We’re confident we perform the best kitchen remodels in Orlando and the surrounding area. We combine expert craftsmanship, superior design services, and a commitment to our craft. We know that you’ll fall head over heels with your new kitchen. In fact, we guarantee it.

We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on every remodel we undertake. If somehow our work has not met your expectations, then all you need to do is contact us. We’ll take it from there, doing everything we can to fix the issue, whatever it may be.

Trusted Kitchen Renovation Expertise

When you need kitchen renovation expertise you can take to the bank, you’ll want a licensed and insured partner you can trust. We want to work closely with you to achieve your goals because we understand how important open communication is during the construction process. For this reason, we strive to be available to answer your questions, address your concerns, and remove stress from your plate at any stage during our work with you.

Get in touch with us to talk about your renovation ideas in greater detail.

Top 6 Benefits of a Kitchen Makeover

Investing in a kitchen makeover not only improves the resale value of your home should you consider selling, but it also tailors your space to your precise needs. Our experts have put together the following list of the top 6 benefits of making over your meal prep space:

  1. Increases the value of your home
  2. Improves functionality
  3. Matches your personal style and taste
  4. Energy efficiency
  5. Improves safety
  6. Smart features

Don’t be afraid to make your kitchen the way you want it to be. No matter how large or small a space you are working with, our experts have the tools and skills to make your dreams come true.

Get the Best Kitchen Remodel Available

At My Handy Craftsman Inc., we always strive to deliver every kitchen remodeling project on time and on budget so you can get back to living and enjoying your home. We also find it important to provide great client care with friendly and welcoming Craftsmen who always clean up after themselves. For all these reasons and more, if you are considering renovating your kitchen in the Orlando area, call My Handy Craftsman Inc. today!