Kitchen Remodeling in Orlando

Looking to renovate your kitchen? You’re in luck. My Handy Craftsman Inc. is the premier kitchen remodeling service in Orlando and the surrounding area, and we’re always looking to take on a new project.

We’re an honest, small local business that’s been voted best of Houzz several years in a row and top-rated on Home Advisor. Our consistent excellence, our outstanding customer service, and our honest integrity are just some of the things that make us great.

Ready to begin your kitchen makeover? Give us a call at (407) 644-8642 to inquire or to get a quote.


Free Estimates on Kitchen Renovation

To make the renovation process smooth and simple, we make sure that all the details are clearly laid out at the onset. When you get in touch with us, we’ll book a no-obligation consultation so we can sit down and discuss what your wants and needs are, as well as your personal taste and your budget.

We need to make sure we’re on the same page to be able to provide you with an accurate written estimate. Each remodel is personal to the homeowner, and we’ll help you figure it out if you don’t know exactly what you’d like the result to be.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling Services

When you choose us for your kitchen remodel, you’re sure to get the full package. From design to material sourcing, to construction, we’ll be with you every step of the way. And we’ll make sure to check in with you often to ensure everything is consistent to your liking.

In terms of design, we’ll work with you closely to pin down the details. We recommend doing some research on your own time to really get an idea of what you want your new kitchen to look like. We’ll take all the elements you like and draw up the plans for your own custom kitchen.

Since we’ve been working in the construction industry for a while now, we’ve built and maintained close business relationships with suppliers in Orlando and the nearby area. This way, we’re able to source great products and materials for you at competitive prices. By the time we start remodeling, you’ll be all set and ready to go.

A Full-Service Kitchen Remodeling Company

My Handy Craftsman Inc. offers comprehensive kitchen remodeling services that cover every need and every whim. Through your kitchen, we want to bring beauty to your home that will last a very long time. Our team of contractors work quickly and efficiently to get the job done right, every time. Our many services include:

  • Cabinetry Installation and Refacing
  • Countertop Installation
  • Kitchen Island Design and Installation
  • Tile and Flooring Installation
  • Wall Removal and Reconfiguration
  • … and so much more!

Whether you want only the basics or to go all out, we can make it happen for you. And if you have questions or concern, we’re always around to clarify.

Certified and Experienced Kitchen Remodelers

Our team of expert contractors is licensed, insured, and bonded, with much experience and an extensive portfolio of past kitchen renovations. They’re friendly and courteous, and always a pleasure to work with. With us, you really can’t go wrong.

Orlando’s Kitchen Remodeling Experts

Worldwide, people can spend up to an accumulated three years or more in the kitchen! It is one of the most important rooms in your home, and the second most expensive remodeling project one can pursue, next to the bathroom.

Because of these factors, it can seem like an impossible task to plan for, let alone execute. Kitchen remodeling companies like My Handy Craftsman Inc. deal with the overwhelming decisions that go into a kitchen renovation and therefore are best equipped to make it easier on you.

Custom kitchens are well worth it in the end as our previous Orlando clients can attest to. So, don’t hold back and let us help you on your way!

Why Remodel Your Kitchen?

If a kitchen renovation is the second most expensive remodeling project then why do it? While there are up-front costs, in the long-run a custom kitchen can save you money. Not only will you get upwards of 80% in terms of return on investment should you choose to sell your home, but adding energy efficient appliances will cut down on your monthly bills.

Not to mention, the time you will save having a kitchen that works just the way you want it to. Maximize on storage and useful gadgets and find yourself enjoying your kitchen more than you ever have!

Even if your kitchen is not deteriorating and in obvious need of repair, most older kitchens could use an upgrade. If you don’t want to go all-out, our team is experienced in working with the natural bones of a room to enhance its pre-existing potential!

Choose My Handy Craftsman Inc., your Orlando reno experts to remodel your kitchen for the best results!


Increase marketability and personal value. Enjoy your kitchen more.

Save Energy

Add updated appliances and features such as skylights to save on energy costs.


Your kitchen may have been perfect for the previous homeowner, but not necessarily you.


Older kitchens work much better with modern upgrades. Save time with updated features.

Say “No” to Do-It-Yourself

DIY has the potential to add a personal touch and connection to any remodeling project. However, unless you are an experienced remodeling contractor with great connections to people who can help you out, pursuing a large project like kitchen remodeling on your own is not recommended.

Kitchen remodeling services are priced the way they are because of the time and effort that goes into doing them properly. When you hire My Handy Craftsman Inc., you will benefit in many ways.


We’ll get it done quickly! For quality and speed, go with a professional team every time.


That’s right—you’ll save money. While you pay for services up front, we get you the best deals on materials and ensure you won’t be re-doing anything anytime soon.


In our experience we’ve seen many projects through to completion. We’ll have suggestions you may not have thought of.


A professional job is made to last. If it doesn’t, that’s on us to fix.

Your Very Own Designer Kitchen

Build an enviable kitchen together with us. Designer kitchens aren’t just for people on cooking shows. Call us today and let’s discuss what we can create for you!