Orlando Bathroom Remodeling

There are two reasons to have your bathroom renovated:

  1. your bathroom doesn’t look the way you would like it to or
  2. it was not built to last in the first place.

For the first reason, people usually just say that it isn’t that important; if it is functional then it is fine. But think of this, the average person spends more than a year and a half in the bathroom in their lifetime. Given that, it's not surprising that so many people want their bathrooms to be pleasing to the eye.

As for the second reason, your Orlando bathroom contains a lot of moisture so it is important that it is built to withstand that humidity. If not, then the dampness may seep into the underlying material weakening the material and cutting its longevity significantly. Worse still if excessive moisture really gets under the floor and behind the walls then there is the possibility of mold and mildew which can cause a number of health issues.

Our team of craftsmen know exactly what materials and techniques to use to make your new Orlando bathroom last for a very long time. With your ideas and our innovative remodeling plans you will end up with a bathroom that you will enjoy and be proud of.

An outdated bathroom can cause many problems in your home such as leaks, cracks in the bathtub and toilet and many more. Aside from these issues a ‘vintage’ bathroom can be quite the eyesore. Whether you would like to expand, update, or completely redo your bathroom, My Handy Craftsman Inc. are the experts to call for all bathroom remodeling projects in the Orlando, FL area. We have over 60 years of experience providing the very best remodeling services and our skilled technicians can plan, design and install your new bathroom with the most modern faucets, sinks, shower and bath. Your bathroom can be a luxurious space to relax in instead of being a place you dread walking in to.

If you have ever worried about the humidity in your bathroom causing mold and other such issues, it is important to make sure you have the longest lasting materials. A bathroom built with cheap or improper materials is not meant to last and can make your family sick. At My Handy Craftsman Inc., we use only the finest tile, treated wood, fixtures to make your new bathroom beautiful and functional for many years to come. No matter what type of aesthetic you desire, we can do it all. We are the premier bathroom remodeling company in Orlando because of our long standing reputation for quality, excellent service, and affordable rates. With your ideas and our innovative bathroom remodeling plans you will end up with a bathroom that makes you want to stay those extra minutes in the shower, enjoying the atmosphere.

We pride ourselves on delivering your bathroom remodeling project on time and on budget so you can get back to living. Don't spend one more minute looking at a bathroom that you dislike; call My Handy Craftsman Inc. today and make the best out of your home.