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About My Handy Craftsman Inc.

Handyman Services

My Handy Craftsman Inc. also provides quality Handyman Services throughout Central Florida. We have many skilled craftsmen who specialize in small to large-sized home repairs. Each skilled handyman has years of experience, and is skilled in the disciplines of carpentry, tile work, plumbing, painting and remodeling work.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Services

Handyman Services

  • Light Fixtures Installed
  • Masonry Work
  • Home Inspection Repair
  • Painting, Interior and Exterior
  • Playground Equipment Installed
  • Pictures Hung
  • Plumbing Fixtures Updated
  • Pool Repairs and Code Compliance
  • Railings and Ornamental
  • Shelving and Storage Added
  • Shower Doors Installed
  • Stucco Repairs
  • Storm Damage Repair
  • Moving In/Out Repair
  • Window Blinds Installed
  • Wood Moldings & Trim Added

Paint, patch, fix, replace, and repair just about anything!