Orlando Concrete Restoration


My Handy Craftsman Inc. can seal your concrete so that it lasts even longer against the elements. Depending on the customer’s wishes we can apply a matte, wet-look, semi-gloss or invisible finish to tune the look of your concrete to the surrounding design.


If you have concrete, which you wish to dispose of, possibly in preparation of another project, then My Handy Craftsman Inc. can get the job done. We also recycle concrete so our customers know that when they use our services, they are choosing the green option.

Balcony Repairs

Balconies are a great addition to any residence but they should be checked regularly to ensure safety My Handy Craftsman Inc. inspects the stability of your balcony and repair it so that all you can get back to enjoying yourself with total peace of mind.

Facade Repairs

Façades are constantly dealing with the elements, as they are what protect us from the wind, rain and sun. If you notice cracking, chipping or discoloration of the outside of your residence, then give My Handy Craftsman Inc. a call.

Traffic Coatings

To make sure that your concrete lasts a long time in even high traffic areas we can coat the surface to increase durability and look.

Cementitious Coatings

These are special coatings designed to protect from water damage, foot traffic, de-icing salts and the seasonal damage done by frost cycles. My Handy Craftsman Inc. has many different options for coating. We work with our customers to figure out their exact needs so they get the best coating system possible.

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