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The oldest structures on the planet are masonry constructed, and though they can last for a very long time, the elements take their toll on everything. Many of our clients have historical masonry, which they would like to have repaired but worry that the restoration will remove some of the appeal from the stonework. My Handy Craftsman Inc. has performed numerous restorations of historic masonry structures and our customers are always pleased with the results. We know the specialized techniques needed for restoring our ancestral architecture and know that those places are not just any old building to our customers.


Depending on the customer’s wishes we can restore the stonework to its original luster or clean it with special methods to keep the rustic feel but remove the dirt and grime which has collected over the years.

Stone & Brick Restoration

Many Historic properties have had their masonry painted. This is unfortunate as few paints are breathable enough to properly protect masonry and not capture moisture, which can damage the stonework over time. My Handy Craftsman Inc. knows how to properly remove paint and if necessary replace damaged bricks with new bricks that will seamlessly match the existing work.

Terra Cotta Replacement & Repair

My Handy Craftsman Inc.’s team of specialists even know how to restore terracotta. We do deep repair, thin section repair, crack repair, re-bonding, glaze and glaze detail replication


The key to proper tucking-pointing (mortar replacement) with historical masonry is to analyze the mortar. If the mortar is not carefully analyzed and reproduced then the restored masonry will look patchy and unappealing. My Handy Craftsman Inc. makes the effort to restore your historic masonry uniformly and without discoloration.


Waterproofing is a great investment when it comes to historic masonry. However, historic masonry is quite variable in its composition so it is important to choose the waterproofing material, which is specifically designed for the masonry in question.


Caulking, or more likely re-caulking, requires a special expertise. With caulking you want to use the best product possible but you also need to match the color of the masonry. My Handy Craftsman Inc. experts know how to change the color of high quality caulking to suit the situation.

Foam or Epoxy Injection

Foam and epoxy injections can be very important in historic restoration. When done by a professional epoxy can fill cracks and become a stable subsurface, which is important in the restoration process.

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