Orlando Plumbing

My Handy Craftsman Inc. also offers plumbing repairs in . Below, is a quick summary of our plumbing services:

• Fixtures:

Repair, replace and installation of all brands, recommendations for upgrades to existing fixtures. Repairs and/or replacement of leaky fixtures.

• Toilet Repair:

Toilets often get clogged due to keys, cat hair, excrement, or calcite build-up. A broken toilet can be a very distressing, inconvenient, and embarrassing problem. However, regardless of the culprit, My Handy Craftsman Inc. will unclog and repair your Orlando toilet in record time with zero judgement and full discretion, guaranteed.

• Sink & Faucet Repair:

If your Orlando sink or faucet is experiencing dripping or leakage it can cause a great inconvenience to residential and commercial properties. Moreover, you will end up wasting large quantities of water-and increase your utility bills- if the problem is not solved quickly. In addition, ignoring the problem can lead to further damage that can spread to your bathroom and kitchen floors and require even more repairs. Fortunately, My Handy Craftsman Inc. is always on hand to repair faulty sinks and faucets using maintenance free materials and expert workmanship.

• Water Heater Repair:

If your Orlando water heater is damaged or malfunctioning we will rectify the problem without delay. Whatever it takes to ensure you get sufficient hot water, on demand.

• Garbage Disposals:

We also repair or replace garbage disposal units to take care of even the most intimidating clogs. My Handy Craftsman Inc. can also repair, inspect, and unclog garbage disposal units upon request.

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